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Native Summit NAMM 2018

Native Summit NAMM 2018  ·  Source: ComposizioneDigitale

Native Instruments didn’t have any product to show this year but they did have their first Native Summit entitled “Collaborating on the future of sound”. Which sounds very grand.


However, one bit of news is that they have opened up the NKS standard to include effects plug-ins. NKS (Native Kontrol Standard) is a feature of Native Instrument MIDI controllers which sets up automatic integration with software instruments. You load the plug-in and the parameters are automatically mapped to the knobs on the controller – it’s immensely useful. Up until this only supports virtual instruments and not effects. Now effects can get in on the game.

Softube, Eventide, Sugar Bytes and Waves are on board right from the start. Others should follow suit. The NKS system has received a large amount of support although we’re yet to see it implemented in any hardware other than Native Instruments own. If NI wants to get full industry adoption then they might have to let other manufacturers support it in hardware.

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  • Native summit page.

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