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inValve effects were originally developed for TC PowerCore, but they now run in most DAW plugin formats. This latest release continues support for these plugins adding 3 different valve processors with added functionality and a refined sound. Designed to fall in line with most modern DAW’s, Pro Tools users will find AAX support added but RTAS dropped. Are these the drive you were looking for, or just a fancy user interface with pretty valves?

I haven’t used Audified’s plugins before, the previous release, or this latest 2nd generation of inValve Effects. However, it’s great to see more colouration plugins emulating valve technology as apposed to solid state, of which we have many. Sometimes valve emulations don’t quite cut-it against some slightly ‘harder’ sounding plugs these days. This is a brave move, but these look great and appear to sound good according to the video’s below, and priced really well.

The effects package comprises of 3 plugins. There’s EQ, compressor and pre-amp processors all with fancy glowing valves that appear to light with the dynamics of the incoming signal. This looks great, but has the effort been spent on the user interface rather than the sound? They appear to be very good in the demo video’s, but reasonably subtle which I quite like. It’s too easy to over-saturate something so it’s nice to see this level of control. Please comment below if you’ve had any experience.

inValve Effects 2 is only 49 USD which I think is a great price and worth considering to add these into your plugin arsenal. Available now, the package comes for Mac and PC, in VST2/VST3/AAX/AU formats for 32 and 64bit systems.

More Information: Audified inValve Effects 2

Here are some YouTube video’s by Audified explaining each of the 3 plugins:

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