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Zynaptiq Labs Intensity

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There’s always a place for novel technologies in digital audio processing. Now take a look at what developer Zynaptiq is doing with Intensity, its latest mastering plug-in. It’s a refreshing new take on dynamics processing that uses techniques culled from facial recognition algorithms.


The artificial intelligence does some highly specific signal analysis with the goal of homing in on the particular details in need of enhancement. Then, Intensity’s processing is applied to increase perceived loudness and clarity. It’s all pretty obscure, which gives the plug-in a mysterious appeal.

As this plug-in is based on a smart algorithm that’s supposed to do the heavy lifting on its own, Intensity features a bare minimum of controls: Intensity, Bias, and a dry/wet mix slider.

Although its processing is similar to that of a compressor, Zynaptiq is adamant that’s not the case. There is, however, a precision soft-knee saturating limiter at the output stage. It’s tough figuring out what Intensity does exactly, but it’s very clearly a dynamics processor first and foremost.

All in all, Intensity appears to be in a league of its own, for it’s not a compressor and it’s not a typical exciter, either. It’s something you’ll have to throw onto your tracks and find out if it works for you. Thankfully, a free 30-day demo is available, but if you end up keen on purchasing Intensity, you will have to act fast. Available at an introductory price of EUR 149 / GBP 129 until June 30, Intensity will be sold for a hefty EUR 379 / GBP 329.

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