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Zvex Super Duper Concert Bass Mod pedal

Zvex Super Duper Concert Bass Mod pedal  ·  Source: Zvex

The new ZVex Super Duper Concert Bass Mod pedal is a bass-heavy version of Zachary’s Super Duper pedal, and is due to make an appearance as a limited edition.

ZVex Super Duper Concert Bass Mod

Based on the ZVex Super Duper, which is essentially two Super Hard-On pedals stacked, this modded version is a bass heavy, super low-frequency version. Its core sound is based around the SUNN Concert Bass, so expect your speaker cones to flap like crazy!

If you’ve not heard of this amp before, the Sunn Concert Bass amp is the holy grail for down-tuned grinding guitarists and many bass players around the world. This solid-state amp has gained such a reputation that a certain band was even inspired to name themselves after it.

Now ZVex has put this low gain craziness into his already popular twin-channel Super Duper pedal. One side is seriously bass heavy and is marked bright red, probably to help you avoid blowing your speaker cones by engaging it at the wrong moment. Just check out the insane video with Zachary Vex below to hear exactly what I am talking about.

These pedal is a limited edition, so don’t take too much time to make up your mind.

RRP -USD 249

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