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ZOOM teaser

Look at all the lights!  ·  Source: Zoom

Japanese gear maker Zoom is making us play the guessing game! On its Facebook page, the company is teasing a brand new product that’s going to be officially unveiled on 3 August. No clues are provided with the image, so we can only speculate about this piece of gear.

Judging by the setting, which features a live musician duo, this is most likely a mixer or recorder of some kind. Two additional images we obtained support our thesis, hinting at recording functionality with tempo, rec, play, and FF/FB buttons.

Zoom’s existing digital recorders, such as the R16 and R24, have been on the market for a long time and there’s plenty of room for improvement, such as new pre-amps and design changes. A color OLED display would have been a nice, modern touch, but it seems Zoom hasn’t gotten to that yet.

There isn’t a long time left before August 3, so we’ll see what Zoom is bringing out shortly. That is, unless the unbearable Sa if suspense from not knowing what all these lights on the photo do doesn’t give us a heart attack…

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