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ZOOM Q2n-4k

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Zoom’s latest invention is the Zoom Q2n-4K, a video camera for musicians that does both high-def video and audio. We are talking, of course, 4K UHD video resolution (up to 30 FPS) with 12 special scene settings, HDR, and 24-bit / 96kHz audio recording quality. Impressive!

The Q2n-4K is equipped with a 150-degree wide-angle lens and five field-of-view (FOV) settings as well as a color LCD display and one-touch recording mode. You can play or listen to audio through headphones or speakers, and output video through a Type D Micro HDMI video output to a TV or monitor. Direct connection to a computer or iOS device is possible for live streaming on Facebook, YouTube, Twitch and other platforms, as well as mobile podcasting and music streaming. You can actually use the camera as a 24/96 USB digital microphone if you want to, which I think is pretty darn awesome.

Audio gets recorded with a built-in X / Y stereo microphone at a sound pressure level of up to 120 dB SPL and stored in uncompressed .wav. There’s a high-pass filter for damping low-frequency noise and impact sound. The camera is compatible with microSD, microSDHC, and microSDXC cards of up to 256 GB sizes. Metering is accomplished with both analog meters and digital metering on screen. All of this runs on a pair of AA batteries, which goes to tell how far recording technology has come.

Zoom’s 4K camera will be available this month at an undisclosed price. Knowing the company, it will be an affordable and reliable bit of gear.

UPDATE: The price is USD 200 / EUR 250 – very good indeed!

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