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IK Multimedia iRig Recorder 3

IK Multimedia iRig Recorder 3  ·  Source: IK Multimedia

IK Multimedia iRig Recorder 3

IK Multimedia iRig Recorder 3  ·  Source: IK Multimedia

There appears to be no end to IK Multimedia’s domination of music and creation on iPhone and iPad. With this new version of iRig Recorder IK take on the busy market of video recording apps. Their angle is that it’s the only one that focuses on the professional quality of the audio as well as the video. Do they have a point?

iRig Recorder 3

It’s an app for iOS that lets you record stereo sound onto your iPad or iPhone. There’s a bit of editing, cut, crop, looping to handle the audio. It has a number of processing and effects tools that you can apply to your audio. It’s simple, smart, looks great and is a doddle to use.

For version 3 it’s been completely redesigned (they always say that!) but the most obvious new addition is the support for video recording. This, I guess, turns it into an instant YouTube recording app. Obviously you can that on your iPhone’s camera already, so what’s interesting about iRig Recorder? Well, the key thing is that they’ve kept all the audio editing side and beefed up the effects and processing. The idea is that this is going to give you a much more professional sound than a regular video recording app.

There are currently 17 “professional and creative audio effects”, that’s double the amount in version 2. The new ones normalisation, stereo imaging, compression, EQ, reverb, delay, chorus and morphing. You can also apply fades to both ends of the audio.

There are other enhancements such as Audiobus and Inter-App Audio compatibility. You can place text and photo markers. You can share the recordings all over the place and you can also share the video and audio separately. It’s a decent bundle of things that really could make your Vlogs, selfie videos and instant live music promos that bit better sounding. IK are of course heavily marketing their array of iPad/iPhone compatible clips and stands and microphone add-ons with iRig Recorder – and so they should.

The full version is £7.99 but there’s also a free version that lets you check it out first, to see if it’s worth the extra over your regular camera app. Check out the IK Multimedia website for more information. 

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