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Jared Dines Olson Guitarworks 17 string guitar

Jared Dines 17-String Guitar - A cheap Chinese knockoff?  ·  Source: Jared Dines/Olson GuitarWorks/Facebook


I think everyone has seen the behemoth 17-string guitar that YouTube channel owner Jared Dines ordered from a luthier in the US called Olson Guitarworks. The story has been doing the rounds all week on social media. Now Jared is back on YouTube saying he was the victim of a scam. 


Olson Guitarworks scam

Long story, short: YouTube star Jared Dines orders a custom one-off 17 string guitar for his YouTube channel via custom guitar builder Nicholas Olson of Olson Guitarworks. A deal is struck between Jared and said custom guitar builder for $1000 upfront for the guitar and that Jared will ‘shout out’ the name of Olson Guitarworks as often as possible during his YouTube presentations online.

Every guitar website wrote about it last week including Musicradar and Guitarworld, so it was pretty big news. Now Jared claims that it he has been scammed, that the instrument wasn’t a custom guitar after all, but a cheap knock off.

Djent 2017

Jared has a pretty large YouTube following on his channel, so this would seem like a fairly good deal. Well, it turns out that it wasn’t so great, and here is why.

According to Jared’s version, Olson Guitarworks kept asking for cash top-ups of $200 and pushing back the date of when the guitar would be finished, which is something that can happen on custom builds. Unforeseen price increases for materials are not unheard of.

Now Jared says that his research indicates that Olson Guitar works actually ordered the guitar from a Chinese website for $400 and that it wasn’t ‘custom’ at all!

Jared states:


He doesn’t make these guitars, apparently. He orders them from a Chinese website for $400, which is verified. The exact same guitar that he says he made for me is being sold on a Chinese website for $400. Coincidence? Maybe. So this came to my attention that he ripped me off, charged me about $1,200-1,300 for this guitar that costs $400, said that he was making it and that’s why it was taking so long.

Facebook hiding

Olson Guitarworks Facebook page has now been pulled and is not available any more. It has been down for about 72 hours now – not a good sign.

I would suggest you watch the video below of the whole debacle in Jared’s own words. It is pretty damning and, if true, suggests that the Olson Guitarworks has a lot to own up to.

Jared Dines YouTube channel here


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Jared Dines Olson Guitarworks 17 string guitar

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One response to “YouTube star Jared Dines: “I was scam victim over 17-string guitar””

    Alan Jackman says:

    I don’t get it – how could that guy get so many facebook reviews and recommendations if he was buying cheap chinese guitars and reselling them. Wasn’t his reviews and feedback the main reason why Jared agreed to pay that guy? By the way, I also wrote about this story on my blog (

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