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Jared Dines with his 18 String Ormsby Djent machine

Jared Dines with his 18 String Ormsby Djent machine  ·  Source: YouTube/Jared Dines

You will probably all remember the Jared Dines Ormsby 18 String Djent Machine that got a brief airing at this year’s NAMM Show. Now you get to hear the beast in action at last!

Jared Dines Ormsby 18 String

Strung with 18 strings tuned to E-D#-C#-F#-B-E-D#-G#-C#-F#-B-E-A-D-G-B-E-A, this custom guitar was built for Jared Dines by Australian Perry Ormsby. The guitar has a top is made of stone, the top plate reinforced with fibreglass. The neck is made of Tasmanian blackwood and ebony, with three truss rods and carbon reinforcements to deal with all that string tension.

Jared Dines with his 18 String Ormsby Djent machine

Jared Dines with his 18 String Ormsby Djent machine

Custom Djent

With custom wound pickups and Hipshot hardware, this instrument was built as a one-off special for Jared to Djent on. Make sure you check out both the videos below to hear the guitar in action on a track entitled Djent 2018 and find out a little about how it was made.

The YouTube star is obviously very happy with the guitar. The back story here is that Jared had already tried once to order this guitar but was allegedly ripped off back in 2017 by a person who Jared says pretended to build him this custom guitar but failed to deliver. Jared went public on his channel and began his search for a new luthier to complete the project.

Okay, this guitar is not for everyone, but you cannot fault Ormsby’s skill in making this ambitious guitar become reality. Check out his website below and peruse the work of this Australian luthier, as it is all pretty stunning stuff.

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  1. Alan Jackman says:

    This may seem a bit weird. But what’s the point to have 18 strings if you physically cannot reach some of them? For example, it’s almost impossible to play strings that are in the middle height, like 8-10th strings. Let along 20 string guitar Stevie T got recently. By the way I wrote an article about Jared Dines as well (, feel free to check it out.

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