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Yamaha THR-II Series - New desktop amp range

Yamaha THR-II Series - New desktop amp range  ·  Source: Yamaha


The new Yamaha THR-II Series is the latest version of the company’s ever-popular THR10 series of desktop amps. These models have been expanded with wireless capability, three times as many modelled tube amp tones and more power.


Yamaha THR-II Series

The original Yamaha THR10 series of desktop amplifiers raised the bar for occasional at-home practise sessions or compact recording amp setups. I own one of the THR10C models, which I find covers a lot of ground. Plus, the editing software and USB port interface make it super-flexible, as you can use it as an interface for your DAW of choice.

Now Yamaha has just been in touch to tell us about the new THR-II Series. As you’d expect, the new models have new features, but I wasn’t expecting a whole heap of them.

Forst, the range now supports the Bluetooth as standard. This means that you can play music or backing tracks while the THR10II Wireless and THR30II Wireless have a built-in rechargeable battery and an onboard wireless receiver that is compatible with the Line 6 Relay G10T (affiliate link) transmitter, which you can purchase separately.

Yamaha THR-II Series - New desktop amp range announced

Yamaha THR-II Series – New desktop amp range announced · Source: Yamaha

Classic, Boutique and Modern

All models in the THR-II series use Yamaha’s VCM amp-modelling tech and each amp has three modes – Classic, Boutique and Modern. There are then eight different amp styles – Clean, Crunch, Lead, Hi Gain, Special, Bass, Aco (acoustic), as well as the option of no modelling at all – Flat.

Having three times as many modelled tube amp tones as the previous THR10 Series is a huge step up and makes these new updated versions a lot more versatile.

The THR30II Wireless runs at 30 Watts, plus it also has stereo line outputs. Both THR10II Wireless and THR10II models run at 20 Watts. Which is a fair amount of volume for home use, and you might even just about be able to busk with them, if you’re playing in a quieter environment. There’s also a THR5II, rated at 2×5 Watts.

Yamaha THR11 Top Panel

Yamaha THR-11 Top Panel · Source: Yamaha

iOS and Android Mobile Editor

There is also a Mobile Editor for both iOS and Android that allows you to edit parameters remotely. I hope it is better than the current version though, as for me on my THR10C it is quite unreliable.

On top of the USB connectivity and audio interface function, each amp comes bundled with Cubase AI and Cubasis LE. I haven’t used Cubase in about 20 years, but it is free so if you haven’t yet got a DAW for your computer then it will come in handy. I expect most guitarists will already own a DAW of some description, so this isn’t a deal breaker, but nice to have.

If these new updated versions come in at the right street price and sound as good as the THR10 series, then I am sure that they will be popular. Even at full RRP they look to me to be a bit of a bargain, but then I really like my THR10C, so I am a little biased. I would really like to compare one of these new versions to my current one and hear how the new amp tones stack up against the older ones.

RRP –  THR10II USD 299, THR10II Wireless USD 449 and THR30II Wireless USD 499

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Yamaha THR-II Series - New desktop amp range

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2 responses to “Yamaha THR-II Series: A new generation of a successful desktop amp”

    Artdog says:

    It obviously can accept input via blue tooth but how about output to bluetooth headphones?

      Michael says:

      Don’t own one but I think it can only bluetooth to a phone. The thr-ii doesnt realy have an interface to choose to connect to headphones. Your phone does and you can choose to connect to the thr-ii.

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