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Yamaha THR30IIA 30-watt stereo acoustic guitar amp  ·  Source: Yamaha


The new THR30IIA from Yamaha is a neat, compact 30-watt stereo acoustic guitar amp and the newest member of the brand’s popular line of THR amplifiers. This acoustic amp features wireless capabilities and a host of other useful functions. If you’ve been looking for a portable acoustic guitar amp with all the bells and whistles, keep reading.


Yamaha THR30IIA

I’m a big fan of the Yamaha THR amps. I own one of the older models for electric guitar, which I keep in my lounge for when I want to noodle. I also liked the earlier THR acoustic model enough to include it in my best mini practise amps roundup back in April. The THR30IIA is the newest model in the series and comes hot on the heels of the Blackstar ACOUSTIC:CORE 30 announced earlier this week, which, at £200, is significantly cheaper than this new Yamaha model.

Yamaha THR30IIA

Yamaha THR30IIA 30-watt stereo acoustic guitar amp

Effects and Modelling

This new model has the familiar metal casing used throughout the THR series and sports a 30-watt stereo amplifier with two 3.5″ speakers. That should be plenty of power and provide a decent spread of sound. You get a nice smattering of  onboard effects that are well suited to an acoustic guitar including compression, chorus, a studio-quality delay and a reverb. But that’s not all, it also includes modelling for three microphone models: dynamic, tube and condenser, plus tone modes for nylon string guitars and a Flat setting for when you want to bypass all the extras.

You also get Yamaha’s D-PRE mic preamp on board for your vocal mic, if you want to sing and play along. The amp has a 1/4″ and XLR combo mic inputs, a stereo 1/8″ aux input, a headphones out, and 1/4″ line-level outputs. There is also a MIDI input for a footswitch control.


You choose your amp models with a five-way rotary dial, then sculpt your tone further using the three-way Stereo Imager switch, three-band EQ and Tone Blend control, which adjusts how much of the EQ’d signal is blended in. There are five buttons across the top for user presets, and a button for Bluetooth connectivity lets you stream music to play along with. There’s also a tap-tempo button for time-based effects which doubles as the built-in tuner when held down.

THR30IIA Top Panel

THR30IIA Top Panel


The amp has a built-in rechargeable battery and can also operate with an optional Line 6 Relay transmitter, allowing you to play totally untethered and cable-less! It’s obviously nice not to have a clutter of wires, and should make performing way more fun.

Apps, DAWs and more

You can connect to the Yamaha Rec’n’Share app, which works on both iOS and Android, or adjust settings via the THR Remote app for Mac, PC and mobile devices. The amp comes with a free copy of Cubase AI for PC/Mac and Cubasis LE for the iPad. It has the usual USB connectivity for recording and playback, so plugging into your DAW of choice should be hassle-free.



The THR30IIA is a lot more expensive than the Blackstar ACOUSTIC:CORE 30, but it offers a lot more too. If you need an all singing and dancing, yet compact acoustic guitar amp, this is certainly worth checking out. You can buy an optional carry case for it, the THRBG1, but I reckon you could just stick it in a regular bag and save a few quid. If it’s built as sturdy as my THR10C, then it will be pretty bomb proof anyway.

It may be a bit of an investment, but I think it offers some great benefits for acoustic players on the go. And if the demo videos are anything to go by, it sounds quite impressive. The Stereo Imaging technology and 30-watts of power should really help get a nice full sound. You can read the full amp specifications by clicking the link below.

RRP – USD 869

More Information


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    Tjorven Knoppis says:

    Hey Gearnews!

    I don think the RRP is USD 869 since I just found it online retailing for £ 460.. 😉
    That RRP you stated really put me of but the real price is reasonable… 🙂

    Thanks for your great website! 🙂

    Klaus Kernler says:

    Wie kann ich den Verstärker mit der Rec’n Share App verbinden?
    Ich habe schon verschiedene Kabel ausprobiert aber es funktioniert nicht. Ich habe ein Huawai 30 Pro Handy. Welches Kabel brauche ich da?

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