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The October 18 Apple event

New M1X Macbook Pro incoming at this week's Apple event.  ·  Source: Apple

With the iPhone 13 and Microsoft Surface events out of the way, Apple faithful have been lurking around the imaginary watercooler, tapping feet and wondering when we will see the new M1X Macbook Pro. We do know that its arrival may include the addition of the new high-end Mac mini, among a few other surprises. The Apple event date is scheduled for October 18, so this week is sure to fly by.


What changes can we expect with the M1X Macbook Pro?

The M1X processor will be available in two different 10-core versions, with 8 performance cores and 2 efficiency cores. According to rumors, the new M1X Macbook Pro GPU will be equipped with either 16 or 32 cores. Apple Tech columnist Mark Gurman believes the M1X is simply a more pro-centric handle, as the significant improvements offered are mostly in the area of its increased graphics performance. Perhaps we had hoped for more in this area. Still, there are a few other notable changes to get excited about.

For one thing, the M1X Macbook Pro will feature far greater connectivity options than the previous model. This will be a welcome change indeed, as many felt the previous models were a bit too minimal in this department, even for a product from a company once headed by Steve Jobs. If rumors are correct, I/O will include both an HDMI port and an SD card slot, much to the dismay of those who accessorized their Macbook Pros to allow this workaround. That’s right, Apple got us again! We could also see a complete body redesign with the new machines, including MagSafe charging.

At the very least, it has to be innovative in its physical design aspects. Especially since the laptop market is flooded with Macbook wannabes and lookalikes. Hopefully, there will be some performance-orientated updates with the new M1X Macbook Pro. Although so far, no upgradable memory capabilities have been mentioned. Like overly expectant kids at a magic show, we will have to wait and see what looms behind the Apple-embossed curtain.

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