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Fire Destroys Wayne Charvel's Guitar Workshop

Fire Destroys Wayne Charvel's Guitar Workshop  ·  Source: Flickr


Climate change or not: In California, it’s burning like hell. Lives are being lost, homes and businesses destroyed, and many forced to flee their homes. Among the victims is the well-known luthier Wayne Charvel, who has lost everything to the forest fires.


Wayne Guitars

In the YouTube video below, Wayne Charvel (yes, the one of Charvel Guitars fame) talks briefly about his current situation. Not only has his home burned down, his livelihood has been destroyed, too. Even his family members have been affected. Fortunately, they’re all well. But Wayne’s existence has fallen victim to the flames.

Now his son Michael has started a fundraising campaign for himself and his father. It’s like crowdfunding, just to support someone’s existence instead of buying goods.

Wayne Charvel

Wayne Charvel needs help

Go Fund Me

Such a tragedy what’s happening in California right now. And it is also absolutely right to ask for support, so please do give if you can. Whether that is money or helping him reconstruct, or perhaps just a few encouraging words.

Wayne is a living legend in the world of guitars. He has done a lot for the instrument, and his guitars have toured the world and featured on some amazing recordings. This man practically invented the ‘Super Strat’!

It is right and important to help people in need, and supprt them until they can go it alone and build up a (new) existence. We live in one of the richest and most privileged countries in the world and most of us can probably help in some way, no matter how small. I’m glad Wayne and his family are safe. Hopefully, the guitar community can help him get back up and running once more.

If you would like to donate or offer words of support you can do so from the link below.

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by Jef

2 responses to “Wayne Charvel’s guitar workshop and home destroyed in Californian forest fires”

  1. RobinNJ1963 says:

    I can’t believe that Wayne Charvel would be broke while running a large guitar operation. If he’s not insured, why?
    Why do these people who OWN the means of production, make money, ask us for money?

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