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Way Huge MkV Green Rhino

Way Huge MkV Green Rhino  ·  Source: Way Huge


The latest iteration of the popular Way Huge green overdrive pedal is the Green Rhino MkV. And although it’s now produced in a smaller, more convenient enclosure, it has even more controls and tonal options.


Way Huge MkV Green Rhino WM22

Jeorge Tripps, a.k.a. Way Huge, has been downsizing some of his pedal range for quite some time now, witness the small enclosure versions of the Blue Hippo, Russian Pickle and the Aqua Puss, to name just three. Generally, these new smaller pedals retain the effect circuit, putting the same tones into a pedal with a smaller footprint. Here, however, the smaller version actually adds new features to the pedal.

Way Huge Green Rhino MkV

Way Huge Green Rhino MkV – smaller is better! · Source: Way Huge

Tone Sculpting

Joerge Tripps has kept the control layout the same as the older, bigger version: Volume, Tone and Drive. But MkV gives you more sound sculpting options via the new Frequency and Curve controls. These have been added as mini pots on the front of the enclosure.


What do they do? The new Frequency knob located on the left hand side of the pedal adjusts the frequency boost or cut at either 100Hz or 500Hz; you can choose which via an internal switch. The Curve control adjusts the high-end content and is designed to tame the overdrive slightly. Way Huge says it, “allows you to soften the creature’s roar if it gets too aggressive on the high end”. A handy feature, I feel, as not all guitar amps require more high-end content thrown at them. A welcome little addition.

Smaller is better

I’m already a big fan of Way Huge pedals – I own about 7 of them! I love the build quality and I find they work very well at gig volume. I may well put the new Green Rhino MkV on my shopping list, as those extra controls open up the possibilities.

RRP – USD 129.99

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Way Huge MkV Green Rhino

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