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Waves Submarine

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Waves Audio has released Submarine, a 2-octave subharmonic generator plug-in. Waves Submarine uses “Organic ReSynthesis” technology to add subharmonics one and two octaves below the source signal. If you’re constantly on the hunt for more bass, this might be the tool for you.


Waves Audio claims that Submarine can add “bigger, deeper sub bass to your tracks, with unprecedented clarity and low-end accuracy”. Sounds great, but what sets Submarine apart from other bass enhancers like the company’s older Renaissance Bass and LoAir, or competitors like Slam XL, Sugar or Spectre?

Two subharmonic generators

According to Waves, Submarine’s two subharmonic generators analyze the source signal’s elements: Carrier, pitch, formant, and envelope. The plug-in then processes these elements individually. The company claims that this results in new subharmonics that match the exact pitch and time of the source signal, for a clean and accurate sound. The two generators generate subharmonics one and two octaves below the source signal.

Submarine features a range slider that lets you select the source frequencies for processing. This allows you to choose a wider range for general low-frequency enhancement, or single out specific frequencies for adding low-end punch to a kick drum, for example. It also has a drive control for adding saturation to the subharmonic frequencies. The transients of the sub signal can be shaped using the dynamics knob, which lets you dial in short, compressed sounds, as well as longer, sustained sounds.

While psychoacoustic processors like Waves’ own, venerable Renaissance Bass can improve the bass perception on small speakers, Submarine actually adds frequencies up to two octaves below the source signal. That means that it should have the potential to create some deeeep sub bass. If you work on mixes that are intended to be played on sound systems up for the task, like in the club, Submarine could come in handy.


Waves Submarine is available for Mac (VST, VST3, AU, AAX, Audiosuite) and Windows (VST, VST3, AAX, Audiosuite).

Price and availability

Waves Audio Submarine is now on sale for USD 29. The regular price will be USD 79.


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Waves Submarine

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