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Washburn Nuno Bettencourt 4N signature

Washburn Nuno Bettencourt 4N signature  ·  Source: Washburn

The Nuno Bettencourt N4 signature guitar series by Washburn gets a new variation for 2019! This new, more refined model is due out later this year. It has a few enhanced features and modifications over the original Stephens designs of the 1990s.

Washburn Nuno Bettencourt 4N

The new Washburn 4N is based on Nuno Bettencourt’s original 1990s N4 design, but with some modifications. This includes a thinner ebony fingerboard and deeper neck profile than the original guitars. Washburn has also redesigned the body contours for this version as well.

The really interesting part for me is that they have adjusted the pitch of the 25.5″ scale length birdseye maple neck, which could help improve tuning stability and intonation.

Washburn Nuno Bettencourt 4N signature model new for 2019

Washburn Nuno Bettencourt 4N signature model new for 2019

Stephen’s Extended Cutaway

The N4 retains the Stephens Extended Cutaway and Floyd Rose Original locking tremolo system and Grover 18:1 machine heads, paired here with a Kahler nut. But the Floyd is closer to the body on this 4N version, so the Kahler locking nut is needed to make it all work with the new neck pitch.

The pickups used here are a Seymour Duncan ’59 in the neck and a Bill Lawrence L-500 pickup in the position bridge, both wired to a single volume control and three-way selector switch.

Washburn 4N

I’ve owned an original early ’90s N4 and they are really nice instruments to play. With these refinements and tweaks, I’d hope that the new 4N will be even better.

The 4N is made in the USA at the Washburn Custom Shop, so I would expect them to be good guitars. Not cheap, mind, but still good value for money, given that you’re paying for a widely respected model. Check out the video below, it’s worth a watch.

RRP – USD 3199

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Who is Nuno?


Would take far More Than Words to explain.
Extremely difficult, I Hole-Heartedly believe.
Decadent Dancer tho.

Sorry – he’s the lead guitarist in the band Extreme.


So I’m a teenager looking to start playing guitar and buy one. Now, Washbourn wants to sell me a signature guitar of a 52 year old guy whose band has the last hit more than 20 years ago? Good luck with that Washburn, good luck!


Beyonce & Eminem are not really celebrated for their shredding skillz…
Guns & Roses haven’t had a hit for a while & Slash is 50+ too…

William Paxson

And a lot of folks really don’t care what Beyonce or Eminem do or don’t do either.

William Paxson

So? Washburn came out with a guitar not aimed at the “teenager looking to play guitar” market. Your point?


If a teenager looking to start playing guitar can drop $3200 for their first one, they’re gonna go wild when they get to Gibson’s website…