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Vox AC30 60th Anniversary

Vox AC30 60th Anniversary  ·  Source: Vox Amps / Youtube

To coincide with its 60th anniversary year, UK amp maker Vox is releasing a special hand-wired recreation of an AC15 and an AC30 combo. Each one is built in the UK and will, we understand, be available in only limited quantities. So, if you’re a Vox devotee you probably shouldn’t deliberate too long about ordering one.

Vintage Vox

Both the Vox AC30 and AC15 are revered by many players, having been associated with many classic records and famous artists because of their quintessentially ‘British’ rock tone. These new limited, 60th anniversary editions will be hand-built, and to make them seem even more special, Vox has persuaded Celestion to make the Alnico Silver speakers for these amps. Each combo is made using Baltic birch ply cabinet construction and are both finished just like the originals.

Both amps are based upon the classic Vox  1957 AC15/4 and the 1964 AC30/6 which were launched in what is often considered the ‘Golden Age’ of the company.

Vox AC15 AC30

A special hand-wired edition of the Vox AC15 and AC30 combos

Top Boost

Six-hole ’64s (six refers to the number of inputs on the top of the amp) epitomise the AC30. They sport the legendary Top Boost circuit (also called the ‘Brilliant’ channel), as well as the Vib/Trem channel. The six-hole AC30 is seen by many as Vox’s most desirable model, so it seems natural that Vox would choose this one for its anniversary year.

These amps won’t be cheap, but then you wouldn’t expect British hand-made amps of this pedigree to be going for a song. And although we understand that Vox is only building this model in 2017, I hope that enough are built to satisfy demand. It would be great to see these amps being used, rather than just collected.


Vox 60th Anniversary site

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