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VoicAs Q Mix

VoicAs Q Mix  ·  Source: VoicAs


VoicAs has just released the Q^Mix that offers four channels of audio or CV mixing in a compact and serious-looking module and more to come.



All the inputs are DC coupled offering audio and CV mixing across four channels. You can simply mix your audio streams together or start coming up with complex combinations of modulations from varying sources.

Each channel can be switched from regular positive volume control to bi-direction control. In between, you get a mute stage which makes it really useful in performance. There is logarithmic attenuation on the output stage.

Q^Mix is simple and effective, looks great and is really good value at $59.

VoicAs were at Superbooth this year and you can check out their whole range on the website including the MixVert8r MK2 which is like a dual Q^Mix in one module, the 2^4^8 VCA MK2 8 channel VCA module, and 2^LFO. I’ve not come across VoicAs before and I’m glad I now have.


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