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Virtual Jeff is a digital whammy bar for any guitar by FOMOfx

Virtual Jeff is a digital whammy bar for any guitar by FOMOfx  ·  Source: FOMOfx


Heard of Virtual Jeff? It’s a digital whammy bar you can retrofit to just about any guitar. A digital whammy bar? It’s a sleek, black tremolo arm that comes with a newly designed two-channel stompbox that allows you to do more than a regular tremolo/vibrato arm. Intrigued? So were we…


Virtual Jeff

The Virtual Jeff was originally shown at NAMM 2016 by Australian guitar veterans Peter Walker and Ian Moss, where it won Best in Show award for that year. Since then the design has come a long way in terms of functionality. The latest version is called Virtual Jeff Pro.

Virtual Jeff

Virtual Jeff goes Pro

Updated for 2021

The updated Pro edition lets you do pitch-perfect bends and dive bombs with no tuning hassles – like the first version. But Pro also has a Virtual Capo, a faux chorusing effect via Hold as well as a Blend mode. Sound confiusing? Check out the video demo below – it shows off these functions nicely.

Virtual Jeff Pro floor pedal controller

Floor pedal controller

Go Pro

Virtual Jeff Pro incorporates two elements, a precision-machined whammy bar that can be retrofitted to just about any guitar and a pedal that controls the unit and allows you to set up two different whammy settings at once. That means you can switch between two whammy settings of your choice and also gives players access to the new features like blend and chorus, etc

Three footswitches on the floor pedal include the A/B switch, on/off Active button, and the third button controls the Virtual Capo, which can be applied in both directions to access higher keys or drop tunings.

No Mods, No Mess, No Fuss

The device is simple to attach, with modifications by using the supplied machined-groove mounting plate with an adhesive strip. They even give you instructions on how to do this, and where best to mount the control unit on your favourite guitar.


It reminds me a lot of the Digitech Whammy pedals, but I think a lot of players may prefer this user interface, as it is at your fingertips and might be a lot more natural for many players. Plus, anything named Jeff is pretty cool in my books!

More Information on Virtual Jeff

Virtual Jeff Demo Video


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Virtual Jeff is a digital whammy bar for any guitar by FOMOfx

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3 responses to “Virtual Jeff: The digital whammy bar for any guitar”

    Marco Heger says:

    Urgh saw the price, and NO! I love my fooddriven whammy Pedal by digitech. Works great, for a good price!

    SA says:

    Wow! I’d love to see it applied to a lap steel guitar. It sounds great.

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