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Wes Audio ng76

Introducing the WesAudio ng76!  ·  Source: Wes Audio


The Wes Audio ng76 is a modern recreation of the classic 1176 FET limiting amplifier. Yes it’s analogue, but Wes Audio has added the magic of DAW control and recall as well as a few other useful features.


For the last 10 years, the ng line from Wes Audio has built a solid reputation for providing quality analogue solutions with the convenience of digital control.

What’s different about the Wes Audio ng76?

On the analogue side of things, the ng76 is built with Carnhill input and output transformers, offering 24dBu of headroom. Based on the design of the popular Beta76, the ng76 provides the same rapid compression speed.

Like the classic 1176, you get the same set of ratios and the famous all button mode. However, the ng76 also offers a saturation mode, along with Modern (electronically balanced) and Vintage (transformer balanced) input modes based on the F & G revisions of the 1176.

Where it gets interesting is the two independent sidechain EQ circuits: a HPF with settings at 60, 90, and 150 Hz and a high shelf with settings at 2, 5, and 10kHz.


In addition, you can add THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) in low or high amounts.

Wes Audio ng76 views

Wes Audio ng76 · Source: Wes Audio

All settings can be controlled and recalled via the plug-in interface, and you can compare settings quickly with the useful A and B buttons on the front panel.

The ng76 is stereo linkable and can be connected via USB or even via Ethernet over your local network. Overall, it’s a household classic built for modern workflows at a price so reasonable it’ll be hard to only get one.

Pricing and availability:

The single ng76 is currently available for order.

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WesAudio ng76

You can also get the ng76 Stereo Set from Thomann now.

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WesAudio ng76 Stereo Set

More about the Wes Audio ng76:

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Wes Audio ng76

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