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Dennis Fano Novo Guitars Serus T

This headstock may divide opinion though.  ·  Source:!

Dennis Fano Novo Guitars Serus T

Vintage inspired Serus T  ·  Source:!

Novo Guitars is the new baby of Dennis Fano. His old company, Fano Guitars, is well thought of worldwide. Unfortunately, Dennis fell out with the company over the direction they were taking and so decided to leave the company that was named after him. The good news is that his new venture, Novo Guitars, seems to be taking things up from where he left off with Fano.

In his time, Dennis Fano has made some absolutely beautiful, vintage-inspired instruments that can be seen being played in venues across the world. Lots of professional musicians absolutely adore them. He has a talent for making his instruments look great, play well and feel like an old favourite. I have played a few Fano guitars in my time and all of them were top notch.

To see him carry on in a similar vein with Novo makes me very happy. Because if these new guitars are anything like his past company’s instruments, then they should sound pretty stellar. While his new instruments no longer bear his name, they are all made by a man that is truly passionate about his work.

The new Serus T model has this month received a 10/10 rating in the UK Guitar Bass Magazine and all the reviews online from people that have played them at this year’s NAMM show have been nothing but favourable. I’d like to see if I can find one to try myself as I really enjoy a nice offset guitar and personally really enjoy P90s. This guitar has really got my GAS going into overdrive. It is a very good alternative to, say, a Fender Custom Shop or Gibson Custom Shop guitar.

You can check out the various specifications and finishes on Dennis’s new Novo Guitars website and I believe they should start appearing very sson worldwide, now that NAMM is out of the way. The only slight negative for me is the new headstock design, which may not be for everyone and will probably divide opinion.

Suggested RRP GBP £2,099


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