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Viktor NV-1 browser synth

The Viktor NV-1 makes blips, blops, and Moog-ish textures from within your browser.  ·  Source: Universless

Bored at work? Too lazy to get outta’ bed and fire up your synths? Head to this page and behold the majesty of a complete synthesizer running inside your browser. For an open-source synth operating completely online, the Viktor NV-1 is impressively fully-featured with its three oscillators (6 waveforms each), noise generator, LFO, 2 envelope generators, LP filter, and three effects – compressor, delay, and reverb.

The synth sounds surprisingly convincing and is quite intuitive. It has all the basics of a traditional subtractive synthesizer covered, and then some. For example, you can easily export and share your presets as files or links. Use the computer keyboard to play notes with the keys, or have your MIDI controller recognized and functioning over the web. For something so experimental, there has been lots of effort put into the project, and it shows!

That’s not to say Viktor isn’t without its quirks. The envelopes, for example, tend to misbehave. Setting the Attack knob to 0 means the sound won’t even start. Setting the Decay and Sustain to maximum and leaving the release at 0 makes for a continuous sound that won’t stop, even if you aren’t pressing any keys.

Still, every rose has is thorns, and every synth has its oddities. No need to fault the developer, especially when he’s made such a fresh synthesizer run in the browser. Head to the link below and check out Viktor NV-1 yourself! If you don’t want to fiddle with its knobs and sliders yet, go listen to the YouTube demos below. You will also find the source code available for download at the following link.

Video demos

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