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VegaTrem VT1 UltraTrem tremolo system

VegaTrem VT1 UltraTrem tremolo system  ·  Source: VegaTrem

VegaTrem is currently on Kickstarter looking for funding for the VT1 UltraTrem. This looks to be a very interesting system and its makers say it will drop in to your old guitar with no modifications.


I must say straight away that it reminds me of the SuperVee tremolo system, which has been out for a number of years now. That meant that the VT1 didn’t amaze me, as I had seen something similar before. However, it does look really well made and if it does drop into a regular 2-post or 6-screw Stratocaster trem then it could be a winner. I am an avid tinkerer and builder of guitars, so it appeals to my inner ‘tweaker’. This model is something that I would am very interested in testing out.

The VT1 UltraTrem is essentially a floating trem that requires no extra routing or modifications to your existing Stratocaster-style guitar. It’s based upon a flexible piece of steel, from the looks of things.

VegaTrem VT1 UltraTrem

VegaTrem VT1 UltraTrem


I have installed so many tremolo systems over the years that I consider myself an expert (well, at least I’m pretty good at it). The VT1 UltraTrem looks very easy to install, judging by the official video that shows how it’s fitted.

In terms of construction and design, they were thought up by Isaac Vega. I think he has done a good job here, as they don’t detract from the aesthetic of the guitar when they are installed, so kudos for that.

VegaTrem VT1 UltraTrem tremolo system

VegaTrem VT1 UltraTrem tremolo system installed in Stratocaster

The introductory pricing seems very reasonable, so no complaints there either. I just need to try one out now. This looks like a good, well thought out, modern take on the classic ’50s Stratocaster tremolo system that brings it bang up to date for modern playing styles. I like it.

RRP – Introductory pricing EUR 248

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