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UVI Meteor

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Parisians UVI have come up with a new rompler, Meteor. It’s designed to bring a comprehensive content package to producers and sound designers involved in film, games, music production and anything else in need of a variety of moods and timbres. Like most UVI products, Meteor has a track-based design that makes getting around its feature fairly akin to a standalone, DAW-like application. There are 7 tracks in Meteor, with 3 dedicated to rise sounds and 4 made for impact.


Each track offers a plethora of controls, such as filters, pitch-shifting, and granular processing options alongside basics like volume, pan, bypass, mute, solo, and effect sends for reverb and delay. However, the main attraction has to be the extensive sound library. UVI threw in everything but the kitchen sink, adding field recordings, foley, synthscapes, textures, effects, and instruments like Symphonic Orchestra. The synth sounds, in particular, were designed in UVI’s Falcon synth platform – if you are into software synths at all, you’ll probably know what it’s capable of.

Meteor’s Rise and Impact tracks offer different sets of options. Rise tracks have customizable velocity curves, volume and pitch modulation, multi-mode distortion and filters. Impact tracks get time offest, transient and tail length, multi-mode distortion and filtering, pitch glide, and IRCAM granular processing. Rise time can be locked so, for example, you can use the built-in randomizer without affecting the rise duration. Additionally, there’s a Modulation page where you can come up with custom LFOs, volume settings, multi-step filters and multi-step panners with preset shapes. For adding a final touch, UVI offers a master EQ, Width enhancer, and a Thrust dynamic effect.

Overall, Meteor looks very well done. Its slick and polished GUI is easy on the eyes while the bundled sounds cover a lot of ground. A true contemporary plug-in for anyone whose musical or sound design taste isn’t stuck decades behind. Not that it’s a bad thing… but with all those vintage emulations making the rounds these days, it feels weird to have 2018 music sound like 1978 music.

Price & availability

UVI is currently selling Meteor for an introductory 99 USD / 99 EUR, which is very reasonable considering the sonic power at hand. The promotion will last until Feb 28, following which the price will go up to 150 USD.

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