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Uphoria rompler

Uphoria rompler  ·  Source: Soundspot

TrackGod 2 VST

TrackGod rompler  ·  Source: TrackGod Sound

Trap and hip-hop producers have it great nowadays, with so much choice for sample packs, sounds, effects, and romplers – like the freshly released pair we’re showing off today. We are talking about Uphoria and TrackGod 2, both modern and rich-sounding plug-ins whose library of sounds is sure to be making the rounds in upcoming pieces by producers around the world.


Made by AngelicVibes, Uphoria seems like a competent and well-designed rompler with a great-looking user interface. It comes with a library of over 200 presets that spans bass sounds, bells, atmospheric effects, pads, guitar samples, pianos, mallets, and other instruments.

The rompler features a set of controls typical for a sample-based plug-in or device. The modulation section presents an LFO with rate and depth controls, selectable wave shape, pitch, and mod wheel support. Below, there are faders for levels corresponding to the different layers that make up a patch – up to six layers can be handled from the interface. Next to it is the ADSR envelope with Attack, Release, Sustain, and Decay knobs. Adjacent to the ADSR is an FX section with distortion, filter, reverb, and glide. All of this makes for an intuitive rompler that, all in all, seems well put together.

Price and availability

Uphoria costs 90 USD and is available for Windows and Mac computers.

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TrackGod 2 is a very reasonably priced rompler with a capable feature set that boasts an ARP section, equalizer, filters, and 7 different effects – Tremolo, Saturation, Compression, Stereo, Bit Crusher, Distortion, and Chorus. Furthermore, the new modulation panel makes it possible to modulate sounds with a pair of LFOs and two envelopes. It is also possible to layer and mix two presets to create multi-timbral sounds.

Price and availability

Priced at 40 USD for the Basic version with 320 presets, and 130 USD for the Elite version that numbers over a thousand presets, TrackGod is a good proposition for producers looking for fresh sounds. In case you want to experience it first hand before buying, a free demo version is available. The plug-in runs on Mac and Windows.

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  1. If there is anyone who likes to make good quality music then this product is for them. I am sure that it would really help you in producing some of the finest work till now.

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