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UNO Editor

UNO Editor  ·  Source: IK Multimedia

It took longer than expected but IK Multimedia are delighted to announce the arrival of the promised software editor for their UNO hardware synthesizer.

UNO Editor

As has already been pointed out by other third party editors there are some parameters that you can’t access on the UNO hardware. The software editor goes beyond the front panel and brings you the parameters you could possibly need. It can act as a standalone piece of software or as a plug-in inside your DAW. This gives you the opportunity to save and recall all the UNO patches and settings within your project. The flexibility of a plug-in and the convenience of hardware all rolled into one.

Some of the hidden parameters that the editor opens are up are things like modulating the shape of the waveforms and pulse width modulation. The envelopes evolve into 4 stage ADSR envelopes for both the amplifier and filter. There are extra controls over the live effects section. Set the speed of DIVE and SCOOP pitch effects as well as the depth of the VIBR., WAH and TREM buttons for momentary pitch, filter and amplitude modulation from the UNO Synth’s front panel. There are 4 velocity knobs giving amount controls over amp, filter, filter envelope and LFO rate. And another bonus is that you can change the mode of the hardware knobs between Absolute, Relative and Pass-Through letting you set the style of control that suits you.

Much of the criticism levelled at the sometimes simplistic hardware interface of the UNO is tackled in this good-looking and versatile software editor. It brings in a new lease of life, deeper synthesis and the luxury of all that saving and recall. It’s not only for PC and Mac, there’s also an iOS version for iPad which is unusual and very welcome. I think the arrival of the editor pushes the UNO towards realising its full potential – and that’s what we want.

UNO Editor iOS

UNO Editor iOS

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