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Universal Audio LUNA

Universal Audio LUNA  ·  Source: Universal Audio / Gearnews

Universal Audio has teased a new product named LUNA for NAMM 2020. We don’t know much yet, except the name. But the rumour mill is already running wild, and there are some clues as to what LUNA might be.


Universal Audio LUNA

Universal Audio has set up a web page at with a short video loop of what looks like a reel-to-reel tape recorder. They’ve carefully chosen the angle so that we can only guess. What does that mean? The chances that UA will introduce an actual analogue tape recorder are probably pretty slim. What else could they have in mind?

Secondly, the product will be named LUNA, we do know that much. But what does it stand for? Luna is the moon, a satellite of planet earth. This could be a clue that it’s some sort of networked solution. Are they thinking along those lines? Or is it an acronym? This one is hard to crack.

The third clue: Five horizontal, coloured bars which stretch across the web page, looking very much like tracks in a DAW. This could mean that LUNA has something to do with multi-track recording. Is Universal Audio about to release its own DAW software? Or maybe an integrated software / hardware recording solution?

And here’s the best of them all: Gearslutz user “hihello” has dug up a trademark application for LUNA, filed by Universal Audio in October 2019. Among other things, it reveals that LUNA has something to do with “computer hardware and computer software programs for audio and music production”, and “networked audio hardware”.

So what do we make of this? Speculations about a successor to UAD (UAD3?) have been floating around for quite some time – is this it? But how does that fit in with the clues from the website?

What do you think, and do you know more? Let us know in the comments!

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7 responses to “NAMM 2020: Universal Audio LUNA? DAW, tape machine, new UAD?”

  1. They re gonna do like analog

  2. Niklas says:

    I think it is their entry to VI instruments with a possibility to use a new keyboard with smart knobs for easy operating.

  3. DetroitKruk says:

    Linked/Live Unlimited Networked Audio

  4. SHIRAZI says:

    I know what it is, Universal Audio copied the system of Merging®Technologies, ravenna & AES67, Horus/Hapi system configuration.

  5. Turk says:

    Pretty sure this product will be somehow related to audio.

  6. John says:

    I know for a fact that it’s a personal lunar rocket on your desktop — though it might as well be a rocket in your pocket because your wallet will be hit that hard.

  7. MarkcGrant says:

    It could be the big one, and it makes sense. VSTs on a UAD box! That would be a game changer. Luna would be a good name for that, and explain having a timeline in the UA mixer.

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