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Udon Noodles Glow In The Dark Guitar

Udon Noodles Glow In The Dark Guitar  ·  Source: YouTube/forward audio

Yes, you read that correctly. Someone on YouTube has actually built a guitar out of Udon Noodles and it glows in the dark. It appears that Burls Art has made an impression on the guitar making world and now we have a new insane guitar builder out there.

Udon Noodles Glow In The Dark Guitar

YouTube channel forward audio has just posted a video of their Udon Noodles Glow In The Dark Guitar and so we know that it really exists!

Based around a Harley Benton Telecaster guitar kit, but with a custom made body that is noodle based and will also light up in dark places. Perfect for your live stage show under UV light perhaps?

Udon Noodle based guitar getting wired up for sound

Udon Noodle based guitar getting wired up for sound

Tone Noodles?

This ridiculous guitar uses the body from the Harley Benton kit as the base for a silicone rubber mould. Which was then used to make the udon ‘tone’ noodle based instrument.

To really add the icing to the cake, they also impregnated the top and bottom layers of the guitar with UV powder, so that the guitars would stand out when played under UV lights.

All you need is some epoxy resin and an imagination

You can see the results in the video below and I have placed the link for the Harley Benton Telecaster kit below as well if you fancy having a go at making one yourself. The best part about using this kit is that you have all the hardware, pickups and a neck to get you going.

I like that they added UV strings to the guitar to really set off the whole glow in the dark vibe. Make sure you watch the YouTube video to see the whole Udon Noodles Glow In The Dark Guitar process in all its glory!

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