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UDO Super 6

UDO Super 6  ·  Source: UDO

New musical instrument company UDO are going to reveal their first product at Superbooth in a couple of weeks. They are calling it the Super 6 and the glimpses we’ve had so far are very interesting indeed.

Super 6

UDO is based in Bristol and is founded by George Hearn who was the designer behind the Modal 008 polyphonic synthesizer. His new synth, the Super 6 reports to have 12 voice polyphony and to be based on binaural synthesis and features Super-Wave technology. Binaural synthesis tends to be about the spatial placement of multiple sound sources. We can probably assume that the analogue part of the hybrid is in the filtering section. It’s certainly in an interesting blue colour with white sliders and classic buttons although there also appears to be a grey version.


We don’t know much else other than that they are taking it to Superbooth. I look forward to finding out more.

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