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More Universal Audio compact pedals are here! UAFX Brigade Flow LA2A join the ever-swelling ranks of UAFX pedals. Offering emulations of the BOSS CE-1 Chorus Ensemble, a tube-style vintage tremolo and the classic LA2A limiter. Will these compact pedals be a valuable addition to the UAFX lineup? And do they offer good value for money?


UAFX Brigade Flow LA2A

It’s been a busy day for UAFX today, with the launch of the full-size Lion 68 amp modeller pedal. What we didn’t see coming was a raft of compact pedals to join the existing lineup of compact pedals. If you’d like to get up to speed with the original launch quartet of compact pedals, then check out our review.

It must be a blur behind the scenes at UAFX, as the wave of pedal releases this year doesn’t show any sign of easing up. This latest trio of compact pedals brings Chorus, Tremolo and LA2A style limiting to the compact format for the first time. Let’s take a look at the range.

Brigade Chorus and Vibrato

The Brigade Chorus and Vibrato emulates the classic BOSS CE-1 Chorus Ensemble, a bucket brigade-based device (hence the name). The CE-1 is cited as the very first Chorus effect and for many is the definitive chorus sound. This is not the first time we’ve seen the CE-1 sound replicated by Universal Audio. You’ll find a CE-1 setting offered on the Astra, one of the very first UAFX pedals.

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Universal Audio UAFX Brigade Chorus & Vibrato
Universal Audio UAFX Brigade Chorus & Vibrato No customer rating available yet

Flow Vintage Tremolo

Next up is the Flow Vintage Tremolo; offering three flavours of vintage tube-driven Tremolo. If you’re a tremolo junkie and love exploring the different flavours and eras of tremolo, this could be the pedal for you. Early Fender harmonic tremolo, later ’65 style round tremolo and square wave trem-tones are on offer. Once again, we’ve seen these models in other UAFX pedals but never grouped so comprehensively in one pedal before.


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Universal Audio UAFX Flow Vintage Tremolo
Universal Audio UAFX Flow Vintage Tremolo No customer rating available yet


It should perhaps come as no surprise that, since Universal Audio has already packed an 1176 into a compact pedal, the LA2A would follow suit. The original LA2A is a tube-based peak limiter most famously used as a studio vocal compressor. Of the three pedals listed here, it’s perhaps the one that’s most surprising to find in a compact pedal. However, if you’ve always wanted an LA2A in a stompbox, now you’ve got one!

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Universal Audio UAFX LA-2A Studio Compressor
Universal Audio UAFX LA-2A Studio Compressor
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Good Value?

There’s no doubt that Universal Audio is capable of some of the best digital emulations in the industry. However, the price point of the compact pedals does beg for some questions to be asked. At $199 MAP per pedal, that puts them up against some strong competition. Boss, for example, offers the fully analogue Waza Craft CE-2 for a similar price to the Brigade Chorus and Vibrato.

I’ll reserve final judgement until I’m able to test these pedals in person. Watch this space for an upcoming review!

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