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Harley Benton Double Pedal Series

Harley Benton Double Pedal Series  ·  Source: Harley Benton


With the new Double Pedal Series, Harley Benton brings us 6 new twin pedals: Evil Twin, Duality, Double Vision, Twoface, Sugar & Spice and Double Jammer. Two guitar effects in one case could well be a winner for many musicians.


Double Pedal Series

Each pedal in the Harley Benton Double Pedal Series combines two classic and sought-after effects that should be used in virtually every conceivable situation. Both effects can be used simultaneously, individually and in any order.

This means that you not only save valuable space on your pedal board but also that you have to rearrange the pedals less frequently. And anyone who owns more than one pedal knows that it’s no fun!

The Double Pedal series comes onto the market with six new effects:

  • Evil Twin – Analog overdrive and tube drive
  • Duality – Reverb and Delay
  • Double Vision – Analog tremolo and chorus
  • Twoface – Analog overdrive and tremolo
  • Sugar & Spice – (for acoustics) Digital Reverb and Delay/Chorus
  • Double Jammer – Drum Machine and Looper

Evil Twin

The Evil Twin is a dual overdrive pedal in which one side delivers a wide dynamic range and an open, tube-like drive tone, while the other effect is Harley Benton’s interpretation of a legendary Japanese green OD circuit. Both can be used individually or stacked on top of each other.

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Harley Benton Evil Twin


Duality combines reverb and a delay. Three reverb modes (studio, church and plate) are combined with 3 different delay types: analogue (classic analogue stompbox delay), real (space delay) and tape (vintage tape delay). The delay time of 5 ms – 780 ms seems pretty impressive as well.

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Harley Benton Duality

Double Vision

The Double Vision has both a rich analogue chorus and a nice warm analogue tremolo. Here, too, you can use both individually or together in any order. Chorus before Tremolo? Sure. Tremolo in front of the chorus? No problem!

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Harley Benton Double Vision


The Twoface combines an analogue optical tremolo with a “green Japanese OD” vintage style overdrive.

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Harley Benton Twoface

Sugar & Spice

The Sugar & Spice pedal was specially tuned for acoustic guitars and has reverb and delay/chorus effects. The reverb section includes filter, mod and reverb modes, while the delay/chorus side offers the player five different modes to choose from. Ideal for singer-songwriters and acoustic guitarists.

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Harley Benton Sugar & Spice

Double Jammer

The Double Jammer is a combination of a drum machine and looper pedal with 11 different drum patterns and 121 drum beats as well as a tap speed function.

The looper section of the pedal offers up to 30 minutes of recording time. It is a great tool for songwriting, but also an excellent companion for solo artists and street musicians who want to give their music more structure.

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Harley Benton Double Jammer

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Harley Benton Double Pedal Series

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