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UAD Ampeg B-15N virtual bass model

Ampeg B-15N bass amp  ·  Source:


In conjunction with both Ampeg and Brainworx, UAD have just announced the Ampeg B-15N bass plugin that runs on their UAD-2 and Apollo hardware. The effect is based on two popular ’60s B-15N models and has some nice modern features like built in effects, while also modelling the unique original Baxandall EQ that the original amps are famous for.


1964 to 1966 bias and preamp

The UAD model uses two versions of the original Ampeg B-15N circuits. The 1964 and 1966 versions have slight variations on their preamps and also their biasing of the 6L6 valves. The UAD modelling seeks to recreate this to give you the opportunity switch between them. Also on offer is a an emulation of the original Baxandall two band EQ sections of the amps.

The 1966 unit allegedly sounds a little brighter than the 1964 model, and has a little less low-end presence. The demo video below seeks to give you an indication of what you can achieve by using the two different settings.

UAD have added some useful effects that the originals obviously would not have had. These include the Brainworx effect rack with noise gate, high-pass and low-pass filters, and a power soak. So there’s lots of scope here for tone sculpting and adjusting the way this plugin sits in your mix.

UAD Ampeg B-15N virtual bass model

UAD Ampeg B-15N virtual bass model for UAD-2

The answer is 42

On top of that they have added 42 selectable recording chains. These preconfigured sets allow you to choose between four virtual Ampeg cabinets and an assortment of vintage microphones. This makes it simple to try out different routing setups by choosing them from a drop down menu. If you need a little help getting you bass tone to sit in its ‘sweet spot’ in a mix this could be a really useful way of trying out tone variations on an already recorded bass part.

UAD Ampeg B-15N virtual bass model

UAD Ampeg B-15N virtual bass model with added effects and 42 routing options!

Any use?

I really like the way UAD have given you choices that are easily laid out. The plugin looks really neat easy to navigate. I do like simple gear that’s well laid out, so this appeals to my inner luddite.


The Ampeg B15N is an amp associated with lots of famous bass players including Donald ‘Duck’ Dunn and so to have that specific virtual tone at your disposal when recording is really nice. I also think the price is pretty reasonable for the amount of routing options on offer.

Watch the video below and take a look at the full specs over at the UAD site.

RRP GBP £115


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UAD Ampeg B-15N virtual bass model

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