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Sonic Faction Tricky Traps Creative Contraptions

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This is a very pretty collection of 16 “Creative Contraptions” for Ableton Live and Max for Live. In comparison to Ableton’s usually dull and serious environment these babies pop out of the screen and give it more of a playground feel.


Creative Contraptions

The collection includes sequencers, instruments, audio and MIDI effects. They can be chained together to trip into unexpected reactions and accidents. At the heart of the collection are 3 sequencers and 2 MIDI effects:

  • 4PLAY: A melodic step sequencer with 4 simultaneous play heads, each with its own speed and direction.
  • ISO ARP: Generates melodic soundscapes within a fixed scale or key which fluctuate over time.
  • RADAR: A circular rhythmic sequencer where each lane can run at its own speed or direction. Ideal when running with the Drum Rack.
  • RIPKORD: An intelligent chord generator and arpeggiator.
  • RIPPLE: A self oscillating MIDI echo.

Then there’s a bunch of modulation devices to mess with your parameters. The other half of the collection is made up of sound generating devices. Everything is pretty much covered with basses, leads, pads, glitchy things, vocal synth, FM edginess, drums and melodic percussion.

Sonic Faction have designed it with the Ableton Push and LaunchPad Pro/Mk2 hardware controllers in mind. Everything is triggerable from, and gird matched to, those surfaces and check out the video below to see just how fabulous that looks. If nothing else this should be celebrated for injecting some joy and colour into Ableton Live.

Every now and again I dig into Max for Live and usually come out none the wiser. Something like Tricky Traps really demonstrates the creative power that’s possible with this unique developer kit.


Tricky Traps is available now for $59 – you must have Ableton Live 9.6 Suite and Max for Live 7 to run it.

More information available on the Sonic Faction Tricky Traps product page.

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Sonic Faction Tricky Traps Creative Contraptions

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