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The Tokyo Dawn TDR Limiter 6 is an entire arsenal's worth of tools for limiting and compression.  ·  Source:


Tokyo Dawn Records has released the TDR Limiter 6 Gentleman’s Edition – “a modern dynamics compression and limiting toolkit” – for Windows and macOS computers. It consists of six specialized modules – a compressor, clipper, high frequency limiter, peak limiter, output protection limiter, and a True Peak EBU loudness meter. The price for all of this is 50 EUR / 56 USD / 44 GBP.


As far as TDR plug-ins go, this one is definitely put together for the pro crowd. It’s up to you to stack and arrange these plug-ins in your processing chain, depending on the many peaks and valleys your audio may be going through. Of course, the core task remains as expected – increasing a mix’s perceived loudness without crushing the all-important dynamics that contribute fidelity and excitement.


The loudness metering section has been paid particular attention to, with the addition of an equal loudness bypass toggle that’s supposed to prevent your aural perception from being tricked by loudness differences. Predictably, the plug-ins look great, though they aren’t excessively sleek and mostly display a workhorse aesthetic.

All in all, TDR Limiter 6 GE seems to contain everything needed to construct an optimal limiting chain for those that really know what they are doing and need such powerful options. It can also be a great learning tool if one has the time for experimentation. Stacking different limiters and tuning their settings while observing the result could yield some valuable experience – or complete sound obliteration! It’s all up to you and how you choose to wield them.

More information about TDR Limiter 6 GE is available at Tokyo Dawn Records. Also feel free to check out more TDR plug-ins, such as slickEQ and DeEdger. The brand has a fairly good reputation and a wonderful selection of fully functional, completely free plug-ins like Kotelnikov, Nova, and Proximity. TDR’s generosity is definitely to be respected!

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