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Tokyo Dawn DeEdger plug-in

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The astonishing variety of mixing tools out there is a double-edged sword. On one side, it’s great to have so many options for mild to drastic sound shaping at your disposal. On the other, it’s pretty hard for anything to truly stand out in a space so unfathomably saturated.


Tokyo Dawn, however, knows how to make its products grab and hold onto your attention. Whether it’s free plug-ins or paid products, TD’s output, in my opinion, has a high quality standard. The latest tool in its shed is the DeEdger, a rather intriguing transient shaper with the purpose of controlling a signal – or an entire mix’s – “hardness”, of sorts.

You know how transient shapers can make drums and other transient-rich, percussive sounds hit softer or harder, depending on the setting? That’s DeEdger’s basic job, but it goes farther into accomplishing it than the typical TS. The plug-in features frequency, Q, and depth controls. You can home in on a particular frequency range and go forth adjusting its ‘depth’. The Impact meter measures the gain changes applied to the zone of choice.

The DeEdger can be engaged in L+R (stereo), L/R (mono), and M/S (mid-side) modes. There are two modes of operation as well – Compensate and Focus Listen. It’s not immediately apparent how the two work, but you can easily let your ears be the guide.


At $100, the plug-in is fairly expensive for what it does. It was, however, developed together with Ohlhorst Digital, a brand by mastering engineer Jan Ohlhorst. It has absorbed his concepts into its virtual DNA, apparently, so, in a way, you can use his expertise to help you refine your transients. If all of that sounds like marketing fluff, there’s a demo available to assess the plug-in at your leisure. DeEdger is available for Windows and Mac, in 64-bit VST, AU, and AAX versions. More information can be had here.

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