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Wild Customs Billy F Gibbons Special with Gyrock pickup system

Wild Customs Billy F Gibbons Special with Gyrock pickup system  ·  Source: Wild Customs


The Wild Customs Billy F Gibbons Special was inspired by the Reverend’s latest hot-rod, a ‘34 Ford Coupe nicknamed Whiskey Runner. The guitar features the Gyrock pickup system we first saw back in 2019, and comes with a selection of pickups.


Wild Customs Billy F Gibbons Special

Everyone knows Billy Gibbons and his love of custom cars and guitars. So it’s no surprise that this new Wild Customs Billy F Gibbons Special takes its design cues from one of his hot-rodded cars, a ‘34 Ford Coupe affectionately named Whiskey Runner.

Wild Customs Billy F Gibbons Special

Wild Customs Billy F Gibbons Special

Honeycomb Body

Construction consists of a bolt-on three-piece Canadian maple 25.5″ scale length neck, a Pau Ferro fretboard with a 10″-16″ compound radius and 22 medium jumbo frets. The body is made from East European alder that’s been chambered with a honeycomb structure, for a lightweight, resonant ride.

Wild Customs Billy F Gibbons Special

Featuring the Gyrock pickup system

Gyrock Rotating Pickup System

The guitar has a special Gyrock barrel that rotates a set of pickups, making this ‘single pickup’ guitar not quite that simple. In fact, it can wield up to three pickups at a time on its rotating barrel system.

The integral rotating barrel guitar pickup system allows for quick and easy changes of the whole pickup. It comes loaded as standard with a custom pickup set: Gibbons’ signature pickups from Seymour Duncan, Pearly Gates and Red Devil, plus Wild Custom’s own humbucker, wound especially for the ZZ Top frontman, called The Grizzly.

Billy F Gibbons Starter Pack

The guitar will ship with a Billy F Gibbons Starter Pack that consists of some classic Billy Gibbons pickups. These include Wild Customs’ ‘The Grizzly’ humbucker and ‘The Jalapeño’ P90, plus Seymour Duncan’s, Pearly Gates BFG signature, Red Devil BFG signature, Lipstick Tube and the Antiquity Strat Texas Hot.

It isn’t cheap, but it is certainly very Reverend Gibbons, in both style and function!

RRP – USD 9999


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by Jef

One response to “The Wild Customs Billy F Gibbons Special – inspired by vintage hot-rods”

  1. Brennan Olson says:

    This is a SWEET guitar, this is Billy Gibbons guitar that matches his Whiskey Runner hot rod.

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