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Seymour Duncan Billy Gibbon's Red Devil pickups

Seymour Duncan Billy Gibbon's Red Devil pickups  ·  Source: Seymour Duncan

Seymour Duncan has announced a new set of pickups designed in collaboration with ZZ Top frontman Billy Gibbons. They’re called the Red Devil and look pretty special…

Red Devil

Made for Stratocaster-style guitars that normally use three single-coil pickups, these mini humbuckers recreate the fat Gibson classic ’50s PAF tones of Gibbons’ legendary ‘Pearly Gates’  ’59 Les Paul. It’s the guitar that gave him that famous thick Texan tone that we all associate with ZZ Top.

Seth Lover’s original PAF design is a little too large for your average Strat pickup route, so the Red Devil models should make it easier to get the tone without any major modifications.

Thick Texas Tone

The Red Devil set includes three single-coil-sized humbucking pickups with calibrated Alnico V magnets. The bridge is wound extra hot for added bite and sustain, while the neck and middle are more rounded, with similar characteristics to a set of vintage PAF pickups.

As mentioned above, these should drop-in easily enough to a standard Fender sized Strat pickguard, so you won’t need to hack up your beloved guitar to get a set of humbuckers in. Seymour Duncan has uploaded a couple of videos to their site, which I’ve added below to let you check out the Red Devil pick-up set.

The pickups are available as a set of three in either Black, White, Crème or Parchment finish.

RRP – USD 299 a set

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  1. The new Seymour Duncan Billy Gibbons “Red Devil” BRIDGE pickup sounds great with power and all the harmonics in my ‘76 ash/ maple neck Strat bridge position. If you mix with single coils you have to reverse the black and green wire, green being hot

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