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SolidGoldFX Oblivion Quad Flanger

SolidGoldFX Oblivion Quad Flanger  ·  Source: SolidGoldFX

The new Oblivion Quad Flanger pedal from SolidGoldFX is no ordinary modulation pedal. With three flanger modes, this unit will go from subtle, spacey through-zero vibes all the way to a massive and modern quadruple flanger. If flangers are your thing, then you’ll want to read on.

SolidGoldFX Oblivion Quad Flanger

The SolidGoldFX Oblivion Quad Flanger is manufactured in Montreal, Canada and makes some bold claims regards to flanging effects. The pedal has three main types of flanger on offer – Classic Thru-Zero, Bi, and Quad Flanging. Of course, there is also the ability to tweak and route it too, which makes for one pretty crazy modulation effect. You also have Multiple LFO waveforms, and four individual modulating delay lines.

The effect has the familiar flanger controls of speed, range, ramp, regen, blend, and level, plus four switches labelled wave, 1/4-1/2-1, flange, and decay. The two footswitches control Bypass/Hold Brake and Tap/Hold Ramp.

SolidGoldFX Oblivion Quad Flanger

SolidGoldFX Oblivion Quad Flanger

Crazy Control

The pedal also has an expression input and CV (control voltage), as well as internal Dip Switches which provide even more variation and control available to you. If you like to experiment, then this is probably the flanger for you, especially if you like using external controllers to morph your flanging effects.

Dip Switch settings

  • Down/Down – Expression pedal/CV controls speed
  • Down/Up – Expression pedal/CV controls depth
  • Up/Down – Expression pedal/CV controls feedback
  • Up/Up – Expression pedal/CV controls speed and depth

The pedal runs on an external 9-volt power supply with 60mA of power.

If the Oblivion Quad Flanger sounds like something you’d be interested in, check out the demo videos below to hear it in action. Or, you can click the link to read the full specification on this weird and wonderful flanger.

RRP – GBP 245

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