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Spaceman Effects - Aurora Analog Flanger with triangle waveform at it's heart

Spaceman Effects - Aurora Analog Flanger with triangle waveform at it's heart  ·  Source: Spaceman Effects

The new Aurora Analog Flanger by Spaceman Effects is based on a triangle wave BBD flanging effect, with presets that contain comb filters and a whole bunch of other goodies. With custom waveform animation available, this boutique stompbox has you covered for all manner of jet whooshes.

Aurora Analog Flanger by Spaceman Effects

Aurora Analog Flanger is made in Portland, Orgeon. Spacemen Effects describes it as being able to create ‘flange, vibrato, lush chorus, phase and filtery spatial effects’. That’s an awful lot of modulation possibilities from just one analogue pedal! But then again, this stompbox is no ordinary flanger effect, with a variety of modes you can tweak to your heart’s content.

Spaceman Effects - Aurora Analog Flanger

Spaceman Effects – Aurora Analog Flanger

Rate, Width, Range and Regeneration

As you’d expect, the Aurora has the standard Rate, Width, Range and Regeneration controls. But you also have an Output knob to let you go above unity gain, as well as a useful Mix control.

But it’s when you get to the modes that things get interesting. They consist of LFO, Tape 1 & 2 and Comb Filter. They allow you to control the sweep’s rise and fall times, giving you a huge amount of ways to affect or modulate your sweep effect. You can play with things like the constant, manual or frozen cycle of the flanger’s sweep. You also have a Trigger footswitch with various functions depending on the chosen mode. You could, say, have manual tape-style flanging between two points or toggle between two comb filter settings.

Red, Silver and Blue

If you enjoy flanging effects, then this new pedal from Spaceman Effects could be one for you. They are hand built, with three colour versions on offer in Red, Silver and Blue, though they all do exactly the same. Check out some of the videos below for some quick insights into what this pedal can do. It’s a functionally complex little box and as far as I can tell it’s doing everything exceedingly well. You can read the full specifications for the Aurora Analog Flanger from the link below.

RRP – USD 319

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