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Mojo Hand FX Mister-O Phase Shifter

Mojo Hand FX Mister-O Phase Shifter  ·  Source: Mojo Hand FX

Based on Maestro’s first ever phaser, the new Mojo Hand FX Mister-O Phase Shifter pedal features the six phase stage design of the ’70s original. This pedal gives you those classic phasing tones, but with modern build quality.


Mojo Hand FX Mister-O Phase Shifter

If you love those ’70s Maestro Phase Shifter tones, then this latest pedal from Mojo Hand FX could well be for you. The Mister-O Phase Shifter pedal sounds very close to the originals and the demo video below has some great examples of what you can achieve with this effect.

Mojo Hand FX Mister-O Phase Shifter pedal

Mojo Hand FX Mister-O Phase Shifter pedal

Simple Phase

The pedal has a beautifully simple layout with Speed, Depth and Color knobs. But don’t be fooled by the lack of parameter controls and menus, as I think this phaser sounds great. You use the Speed knob to control the rate of the LFO, whilst the Depth knob can be used to create those chewy tones we all love. Finally, the Color knob allows you to accentuate the resonant peaks of the phase shift, or dial it down to get a smoother, warmer tone.

Maestro Phase Shifter

The Maestro Phase Shifter has a great sound, but is not practical on a modern pedalboard

Modern Phase

This modern-day recreation is obviously a lot smaller, has knobs, and fits into a standard pedal format. Plus it is true-bypass and can be run from a centre negative external 9V power supply, making it pedalboard friendly. If you are looking for classic ’70s phase tones then this new Mister-O pedal should really be on your radar. Check out the demo video below to hear it in action.

RRP – USD 149

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