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Mojo Hand FX RVT and Park Theater

Mojo Hand FX RVT and Park Theater  ·  Source: Mojo Hand FX

So what’s the story behind Mojo Hand’s new RVT and Park Theater pedals? Both combine several effects into one unit. And there’s another angle, too: A proportion of the price of the Park Theatre pedal goes towards the restoration of the venue it’s named after. 

Mojo Hand FX RVT

So let’s take a look at the RVT first. The name is made up of the effects that can be combined using this pedal: reverb, vibrato, tremolo. It is all controlled with three knobs for speed, depth and reverb. Easy enough so far.

Mojo Hand FX RVT

Mojo Hand FX RVT

You can switch the “main” effect between tremolo and vibrato via the central pressure switch. Reverb is mixed in independently. Thus, one to two effects are always active at the same time.

Internally, a DSP chip is working to conjure up the characteristic tweed sounds of the 1960s out of this little box. Expect plenty of classic twang with the RVT and plenty of ’60s surf style sounds as well.

RRP – USD 149 the first 100 pedals sold ship with a free WingMan by Option Knob

Mojo Hand FX Park Theater

The Park Theater effect pedal follows a similar approach to the RVT. It combines reverb and delay effects  that are mixed in separately via EchoSpace and Mix controls.

Mojo Hand FX Park Theater

Mojo Hand FX Park Theater

Donation Included

Sonically, it is supposed to imitate the halls of the eponymous venue, a club called Park Theater.  Apparently, the club’s owners have money worries and the building needs repair. Hence the donations gathered via this effect pedal.

Mojo Hand FX say they like the concept of the club and its Open Mic Night, so they’ve developed a pedal that sounds something like a room of this size. So a long reverb and a slap-back echo!

Both of these pedals run via an external 9 Volt power supply only, so no batteries. You can hear both of these new effects in the demo videos below. Check ’em out!

RRP – USD 125 with a USD 50 d0nation going towards the renovation work at the Park Theatre.

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  1. The theatre is Holland, Michigan where Cusack and Mojo Hand FX are based. It’s not in the Netherlands. Wrong Holland.

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