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Kiesel Guitars Leia  ·  Source: Instagram @jeffkiesel

Kiesel Guitars Leia  ·  Source: Kiesel Guitars

The new Kiesel Guitars Leia is not named after a certain princess from a famous space opera from the ’70s, but instead after the Kiesel family dog. And like most Kiesel guitars, this headless design comes with a whole host of custom options. Read on if you’ve been looking for a customised headless guitar.

The headless princess

Ok, so the dog was named after the princess. Regardless, the new Leia is the latest single-cut model from Kiesel Guitars and has a thru-neck design. It combines several elements from various other Kiesel models such as the Vader’s neck-through construction, the SCB’s body shape, and the Zeus’s headless design. The guitar looks light and compact, and should be ideal for taking on the road.

Headless designs were quite popular back in the 80s, and it looks they’re coming back in vogue once again. We recently covered another headless model, the Harley Benton Dullahan-FT 24, although it isn’t a single cut.

Kiesel Guitars Leia

Kiesel Guitars Leia


As with all Kiesel guitars, the Leia comes with several custom options. The model is available in 6- and 7-string versions, and with a choice of either a trem or a fixed bridge. You can also choose between a 24.75″ scale length, or a more Fender-like 25.5″ scale length.

The same goes for woods, pickup combinations, and finishes. It’s nice to have all these options to choose from, but keep in mind, the more out there specs will also take longer to build. Still, you get a nice US made guitar that’s unique and to your personal specifications.

Kiesel Guitars Leia

Kiesel Guitars Leia

Jeff Kiesel may be a bit of a character (maybe something about people named Jeff…?), but he makes some pretty sweet guitars, and this new Leia is certainly a head turner. Even if it lacks one of its own.

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