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Kiesel Guitars Will Swan WS6S and Marc Okubo MO7X

Kiesel Guitars Will Swan WS6S and Marc Okubo MO7X  ·  Source: Kiesel Guitars


Kiesel Guitars has made good on its promise to ignore Gibson’s recent legal threats – by launching two new signature models, one of which uses the CS6 body shape included in Gibson’s cease and desist letter! This spectacularly timed release of a stunning new Will Swan WS6S model sends a clear message to Gibson…


Will Swan WS6S

Will Swan plays guitar in Dance Gavin Dance (DGD), Sianvar, Secret Band and Royal Coda. When you play in a lot of different bands, you need a pretty versatile guitar to keep up. The fruits of his collaboration with Kiesel Guitars is the new Will Swan WS6S guitar, based on the popular California Single Cut Carved Top CS6S model. Yes, that’s the model Gibson is demanding Kiesel stop production of.

The body is made out of Honduras mahogany with a flamed maple top and loaded with two Kiesel Beryllium humbuckers with chrome metal covers. It has a a five-piece mahogany neck with maple stripes and a 22-fret ebony fingerboard. There’s a swan inlay on the 12th fret, which is a nice, subtle touch.

The guitar is available in five different finish options: Select Raspberry Jam, Scarlet Red, Select Purple Drink, Select Midnight Blue. Each finish comes with a black-burst edge as standard, unless you opt for a plain natural finish.

This release, of course, was on Kiesel’s product roadmap for 2020 anyway. But it certainly says pretty darn clearly what Kiesel thinks of Gibson’s cease and desist letter!

RRP – USD 1999

Kiesel Will Swan WS6S

Marc Okubo MO7X

In other news, Kiesel has also launched a guitar for Marc Okubo of metalcore band Veil of Maya. The Marc Okubo Signature MO7X 7-string model has a swamp ash body and a 24-fret set neck. It comes factory fitted with a single Kiesel polarity active humbucker and has a Kiesel/Hipshot ‘X’ Tremolo system installed.

It is a bit of a shredder and rightly so. Expect smooth playing, a slim profile neck and plenty of easy upper fret access with this one. This model is available in Sky Blue, Kiesel Racing Green and Purple Lavender finishes.

RRP – USD 1599

Kiesel Marc Okubo MO7X

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  1. Hey Jef, you stole my line-I used that line (giving Gibson the “middle finger”) a couple of days ago on the Premier Guitar site about the Will Swan Kiesel. : )

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