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MXR FOD Drive pedal front

MXR FOD Drive pedal front  ·  Source: MXR


The new FOD Drive from MXR is basically two amps in a single pedal format. The pedal allows you to dial in the two distinct amp tones individually, and then blend them together.  


MXR FOD Overdrive

The MXR FOD Drive contains two distinct parallel signal paths, that distort differently and are shaped with EQ. One of the circuits is based on an amp with a Scooped voicing, whilst the other has a more Mid-style voicing. Could it be a Rectifier and Plexi? Or perhaps even a Dumble? Unfortunately, MXR doesn’t actually say which amps were modelled, and there aren’t any videos of it yet.

MXR FOD Overdrive pedal side

MXR FOD Drive pedal side

Will it blend?

The pedal has controls for Output (volume), Gain, Tone, and Blend, as well as a toggle switch that either leaves the mids neutral, or scoops or boosts them. Since both the “channels” are permanently supplied with a signal, you simply fiddle with the blend control until you get your desired drive tone.


Many players, both in the studio as well as live, prefer to blend more than one amp to get their tones, so the idea behind this pedal is sound. However, since I haven’t had the chance to try one out myself, I cannot really comment on how well the FOD Overdrive functions in this regard.

Two amps, one pedal

It may not be the cheapest mass produced pedal out there, but if it does what it claims to, I think it will be worth it. The alternative would be to have two amps, and the setup required to blend them, which is not exactly cheap. I’m definitely looking forward to hearing one of these in the ‘real world’ and seeing exactly how it performs, as on paper, it sounds very promising.

RRP – USD 242

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  • MXR FOD Overdrive pedal side: MXR
MXR FOD Drive pedal front

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One response to “The MXR FOD Drive gives you two amp tones in one pedal”

    Jon A. says:

    Think it may be a rebranded Dookie drive? FOD is the last song on Dookie, 2 amps in one was the Dookie drive thing. Think maybe they are just ending the partnership with Billy and going this route with a subtle nod to Green Day.

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