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Error Instruments Magic Power Cable

Error Instruments Magic Power Cable  ·  Source: Error Instruments


The Magic Power Cable takes the 5V output of a USB socket and steps it up to power any 9V DC powered synthesizer or guitar pedal (with adapter).


Magic cables

This is not a new concept and it’s less about magic and more about electronics. MyVolts has been doing something similar for a while with their more professional looking “Ripcord” cables. The Magic Power Cable is a less glamourous and cheaper version that’s been picked up by Error Instruments.

However, what Error Instruments has done is come up with one that fits and powers little desktop synths and noise boxes in particular. They also have an adapter cable to change the polarity of the barrel end to run guitar pedals.

So, why would you want to run synths and pedals from a USB socket? Because this means you can use any cheap USB power pack to run your gear outside, on the move or anywhere where you wouldn’t be able to plug in. Saves a ton on regular batteries.

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More Information

It’s a useful piece of kit. Do check that the thing you want to power is 9V before you buy.

The Magic Power cable for synths is €8 and if you want to include the pedal adapter then it’s €13.

More information from Error Instruments

  • Magic Power Cable page.
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Error Instruments Magic Power Cable

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3 responses to “The Magic Power Cable: Power your 9V DC synths from 5V USB”

    Chris says:

    I don’t see how this is news, myvolts have been making these for ages, this just looks like a cheap and nasty rip off..

      Robin Vincent says:

      Yes, they have and now someone else can supply something similar that didn’t before. It’s good to have alternatives sometimes. It’s not ground breaking news but it’s something we didn’t know before.

    Rory McCloskey says:

    I bought one of these from Amazon to power a few guitar mini pedals about 12 months ago. I also use it to power elektron model samples sometimes. When connected to a power bank batt instead of a mains adapter it killed all the noise that my mains normally causes. I can actually use distortion pedals on quiet synth parts now without hiss or using a noise gate. Awesome.

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