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Grez Smugglers Bridge Folsom is made from 1,000-year-old reclaimed redwood

Grez Smugglers Bridge Folsom is made from 1,000-year-old reclaimed redwood  ·  Source: Grez Guitars

There’s vintage, aged woods, and then there’s this. Grez Guitars has announced a limited edition of its Smugglers Bridge Folsom using 1,000-year-old reclaimed redwood. This Folsom will be offered with a range of options to give you lots of great choices for tone and hardware configuration.

1,000 year old tonewood

This limited-run Smugglers Bridge Folsom model uses a Honduran mahogany neck and a Macassar ebony fingerboard, along with that 1,000-year-old reclaimed redwood from Humbolt County in Northern California. Some pretty impressive quality woods have been used in this guitar, especially as the body is made from one one piece.

Grez Smugglers Bridge Folsom

Grez Smugglers Bridge Folsom


Each guitar comes in at under seven pounds in weight, so I would expect a nice lively sound with plenty of nice tones on tap. You can order the Smugglers Bridge Folsom in various pickup and hardware configurations. These include a string-through Tele bridge or a Mastery bridge with a Bigsby and a Grez stainless steel trapeze tailpiece. Obviously, tones will vary depending on the configuration you opt for.

The pickguard is cut for TV Jones “Universal Mount” pickups, with a choice of three pickup options available. You could, for example, order P90s or Filtertrons – this would be tough for me as I like both!

If I was going to order one, I would have a chat with them directly and get their advice on which way to go. This could be your only chance to get a guitar with these options and wood choices, so you would want to get it right. This guitar should be available from 1 July and you can order them from the link below.

Prices will vary depending on what hardware and pickup configuration you opt for, but the base price is around $2880.

RRP – USD 2880-3180

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