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Fuse Audio Labs VQP Bundle

Fuse Audio Labs VQP Bundle  ·  Source: Fuse Audio Labs /


Fuse Audio Labs has released the VQP Bundle, which brings models of two passive EQ and filter units of the 1950s to your DAW. It includes emulations of the rare Langevin 258-A equalizer and 259-A high pass / low pass filter. Yes, we all love the Pultec, but how about a bit of variety?


According to Fuse Audio Labs, the characteristics of the hardware units were faithfully recreated in software using circuit-modeling techniques. They claim that the emulation “features all the intricacies of the hardware version”. This includes typical analog behavior like band interaction and saturation in the inductor/transformer core.

Emulations of the Langevin 258-A and 259-A

The Langevin 258-A is a program equalizer with two simple controls for cutting or boosting the low and high bands. The low band can operate at 100Hz or a very low 40Hz. The high band has four selectable frequencies: 3kHz, 5kHz, 10kHz and 15kHz.


The Langevin 259-A is a passive filter unit with adjustable high pass and low pass filters. Both bands feature wide ranges: The high pass filter can go as high as 7.5 kHz, while the low pass filter reaches down to 250Hz.

I think it’s refreshing to see ambitious emulations of some ultra-rare EQs that haven’t been modeled often. There aren’t many of us who have hands-on experience with the Langevins, so you’ll have to trust your ears rather than A/B comparisons on YouTube to decide if the VQP Bundle is useful. And that’s a good thing, really.

Until April 18, 2019, you can snatch the VQP Bundle for US $24.50, or for US $49 at a later date. At those prices, I think it’s more than worth giving it a try. A fully-functional 14-day trial version is also available.

The VQP Bundle is available for Mac and Windows in AAX, AU, VST2.4 and VST3 formats.

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Fuse Audio Labs VQP Bundle

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One response to “The Fuse Audio VQP Bundle brings rare Langevin EQs to your DAW”

    Johannes says:

    Well, the EQ is actually the Altec 9063B and has been emulated long before this one by Nomad Factory. I own it and I love it. If you need an integrated Hi/Lo-Pass than go for this one, but the special thing about that particular EQ is the shape of the shelves, so in my opinion you should focus on the EQ section.
    Here is a link to the real one:
    And here is a link to Nomad Factory’s emulation:

    Just to offer you – the reader – another option. The price tag of NF’s plugin can drop significantly from time to time, because has special deals on a regular basis.

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