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Dr No Effects germanium fuzz pedal limited numbers with Pablo van de Poel

The Dr No Evil Mother Fuzzer  ·  Source:

Dr No make boutique pedals in fairly limited numbers and have been associated with some well-known artists the last few years, including QOTSA and The Eagles Of Death Metal. The new Evil Mother Fuzzer is limited to only 175 units worldwide, primarily because it uses some very rare and old components.

This unit is built in conjunction with Pablo van de Poel, the guitarist from the Netherlands awarded the Number One Player accolade in 2015 by Gitarist Magazine. The EVM is a fuzz based around a classic germanium transistor fuzz box but with some modern tweaks and very limited stock of old components.

The components – which Dr No state were sourced for their tonal qualities – include a matched pair of NOS (New Old Stock) high-gain AC128zVI’s germanium transistors. These germanium transistors are hard to find and were apparently acquired from an international radio museum, amongst other sources. This is one of the reasons these pedals are limited to 175 units. They simply cannot source any more of these components at this time and so only have enough for this limited run.

The pedal uses a positive ground on the main circuit. This is typical of a germanium fuzz and usually means it won’t play with other guitar pedals on a shared power supply. Dr No have got around this by factoring in a way of setting the main power input to a negative ground. So the EMF will play ball with the rest of your pedal board.

The main controls are Volume, Fuzz, Bias and Shape.

Each pedal is signed by Dr No and Pablo; currently their website says there are only 74 units available to order. I am not sure if that’s because the other 101 have already been sold or just haven’t been built yet.

Audio demo available here: Evil Mother Fuzzer

Evil Mother Fuzzer EUR €247/ USD$278

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