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ST Modular Good & Evil

ST Modular Good & Evil  ·  Source: ST Modular


ST Modular has had a shed load of new DIY modules announced and the Good & Evil Chained LFO and Random Voltage Generator look particularly tasty for some meta-ethical modulations.


Good & Evil

Is it wrong to like randomness, is there something bad in the pursuit of probabilistic possibilities and why would anyone consider the curves of an LFO to be pure? Perhaps we’ll never know but in the meantime here’s a load of modulation for you.

The Good side is a chain of four LFOs each of which starts as the one before starts to fall. The four knobs control the time it takes for an LFO to rise and the speed of fall of the one before. All four LFOs have an output each with an attenuator (thank the maker!) and the outputs are always different from one another. I imagine there’s a lot of modulation fun to be had in here.

The Evil side is all about randomness and you have to contend with the Evil 1 knob, the Evil 2 knob and a knob called Evil CV. This can’t be good. The knobs affect the amount of chaos being created. The Evil side also has four outputs and also a Gate for some random pulsing. The last LFO from the Good side is normalled to the Evil side for internal minglings.


It sounds fascinating and I’m loving the concept and modulation possibilities.

Good & Evil is available, like all ST Modular modules, as a PCB and Front Panel set. Price and availability to be announced.

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ST Modular Good & Evil

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