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Drawmer 1977 Channel Strip

Introducing the Drawmer 1977 Channel Strip.  ·  Source: Drawmer


With the Drawmer 1977 Channel Strip, you get a discrete mic pre, a 3-band parametric EQ, a compressor with sidechain input, and a 3-mode saturation stage.


Drawmer has a history of recording innovation going back to the early 1980s, when the Drawmer Noise Gates became a household item in professional studios all over the world.

The Drawmer 1977 Channel Strip

Starting with its THAT Corporation preamp, the 2U 1977 Channel Strip provides 66 dB of gain with a stepped pot, as well as 3 impedance settings for passive mics, a variable high-pass filter, and an instrument input with an additional instrument through.

The equalizer section gives you a 12 dB boost or cut with each of its 3 bands. What’s more the EQ can be placed before or after the compressor in the signal chain, or you can bypass all processing by simply using the preamp output on the rear panel.


With the compressor, you have all the basic vintage-style controls and two switches for preserving the respective high and low frequency information within the signal.

Drawmer 1977 Channel Strip

1977 Channel Strip. · Source: Drawmer

You also have 3 different saturation modes, including clean, warm, and overdrive. Overall, the design is simple enough to use regardless of your experience level and the features make the 1977 Channel Strip a versatile tool indeed.

The price is slightly higher than you’d expect to pay for Drawmer, but with a solid reputation for manufacturing quality and a wide set of features, you can be sure this will be a decent-sounding piece of kit.

Pricing and availability:

The 1977 Channel Strip is currently available from Thomann.

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Drawmer 1977 Channel Strip

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Drawmer 1977 Channel Strip

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